Rent Increases

It is important to ensure you keep your renter’s rent as close to market value as possible. You also want to keep your renters if they are good so if you do small increases every year to ensure you keep up to date and keep the tenant’s happy. You can increase the rent to market..

End Of Financial Year

By now you should have received an end of year financial statement from your property manager. It is important to check it all looks correct and that expenses have been allocated properly. If you have paid any bills or rates yourself ensure you get all of them ready also. A depreciation schedule is always a..


Check out what this program can do. Realtair is the leading end-to-end property sales platform designed by real estate professionals that lets you access data, appraise, list and sell properties while saving you time. This is what we have all been looking for!


VCAT is becoming harder and harder to get an order for the Rental Provider. There is so many small requirements that a lot of people don’t realise. One of the main things you need to do is be prepared. Is all of your paperwork in order? Do you have a detailed contents page? Remember more..

Compliant with the new laws?

As we all know the Residential Tenancy Act changed is March 2021. There is a lot of confusion about exactly what is required and staff may be missing things. We all know how busy the day to day tasks are and things get missed. We can assist in checking your files, doing a bond audit,..

Top Ten Tips For Renting A Commercial Lease Finding an office that will be both comfortable, functional and to everyone’s liking is hard for many businessmen. Let’s see. Plants, lights, furniture…how important are those little things? Here are 10 super helpful tips to find a great office. For many businessmen and women, finding the perfect office space can prove a challenge. How..

How to perfect the customer experience: Danelle Hunter

Danelle Hunter is one to watch when it comes to customer service – and she’s got the AREA to prove it. As Managing Director of Biggin & Scott Knox, here are her secrets for delivering the ultimate customer experience. Hannah Blackiston August 24, 2018 Elite Agent “I don’t like being quiet,” says Danelle Hunter. It’s..

Australian agency wins gold at the International Business Awards

Published by REB on 14/08/2018 One Australian agency will head to London to receive its Stevie Awards at the 2018 International Business Awards in October. Biggin & Scott Knox was named the winner of the Gold Stevie Award in the Company of the Year category, but that was not its only award. The company also..

Knox Council Planting Day

It was national tree planting day on Sunday and we hired a coffee van and got the team down to support it and help plant some trees. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Always working towards success

It is so important to always be working towards being more successful. Every one no matter how well they are doing should have goals set that they wish to achieve. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Small things make a difference!

When staging a home little things like this can make such a difference to the bathroom. The bath in this place as you can see is blue and the bathroom was very old. Adding a wine glass, book and shelf has made it feel homely. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Run the Day!

I love this saying as it is so important to take charge of your day and make sure you run it how you want rather than your day running you! Danelle Hunter – Biggin & Scott Knox

Keeping things minimal!

When selling your home it is important to keep things free of clutter and only have minimal items visible. Biggin & Scott Knox

Super Boss Day

Every year we raise money for Heart Kids. This year I dressed as Bat Girl for the day to raise money. Danelle Biggin & Scott Knox

New Bows at Settlement

We have just introduced these fantastic ribbons for the purchaser to find on settlement day! Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Carrington Primary School

We are proud to donate $1000 to Carrington Primary School to help the cheerleading squad go to the national championships in November. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Marketing Matters Sky News Business

On Thursday 17th May I was very lucky to be invited to appear live on Marketing Matters which airs live every Thursday night at 7.30pm on Sky News Business. You can watch it on link below: Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Agency’s charity ball raises $10k for cancer research

published 17/05/2018 A Melbourne real estate agency hosted a black-tie charity ball to raise funds for important cancer research. The event held by Biggin & Scott Knox raised $10,454 for Cancer Council Victoria. The decision to raise funds for cancer research was personal, said Biggin & Scott Knox director Danelle Hunter. “The work carried..

Another Weekly Winner

Our latest competition winner Charmaine collecting her voucher to The Burrow at Wombat Bend, hope you enjoy your stay away Charmaine.   Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Charity Gala – We Raised over $10,000

We had a fantastic night at our Charity Event on Saturday night. We raised $10,454 for the Cancer Council. Danelle Hunter –  Biggin & Scott Knox


By Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Charity Gala

This Saturday we are holding a charity gala to raise money for The Cancer Council. Will be a great night and we hope to raise lots of money! Danelle Hunter – Biggin & Scott

Home Staging

To me, putting together a beautiful space shouldn’t have to be expensive. By getting creative and considering all of your options, adding some style to a drab and dreary room can really be quite simple. . My advice? Shop around. Before you start spending, make sure you do your homework. Gather ideas from online or..


I just sold this property for one of my clients for a record price of 2.96 million. We had a 4 week auction campaign and several buyers. It passed in at auction and we negotiated a successful sale afterwards. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

39 Forever

We are the major sponsor currently for Knox Council and some of our staff were luck enough to meet the star of the show!

Congratulations !

Our Property management team at Biggin & Scott Knox came 1st for the month of March for highest net gain in the entire network. Well done Team! Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Ferntree Gully Office is Finally Open

We are excited to open our new office in Ferntree Gully today! Come down and see us tonight for a drink and some finger food. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Staff Team Building Night

It is important to keep staff happy and have team building nights. We recently went to Strike Bowling and went in the Escape Room. It was fun and we had to work together to find the clues we needed. The staff all had a really good night. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Home styling services — are they worth it?

Published on 06/04/2018 on Buying a home is an undeniably emotive experience, but can a home styling service really help you achieve a higher sale price? With more than 12 years of industry experience, I’ve seen time and time again how some simple styling tricks can transform a property and attract offers well over..

Raising Money For Cancer

We are holding a Charity Gala on 5th May 2018 to raise money for Cancer Council. This is very important to me and we hope to have a huge turnout and raise lots of funds. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

How to achieve a 100 per cent customer retention rate: Danelle Hunter

Published on 4/4/2018 on Elite Agent Keeping customers content is one of the biggest challenges of the real estate industry. While property continues to be Australia’s preferred method of investment, owners seek assurance that their agent is managing their asset with utmost care and many won’t settle for anything less. Danelle Hunter has five..

Ambitious niche group opening 5th Melbourne office

Published on 24/03/2018 One accelerating agency is opening its fifth office in the City of Knox in just three years, as part of its rapid expansion strategy to dominate the area. Biggin & Scott Knox has opened an office in Ferntree Gully to compliment the ones in Boronia, Wantirna, Rowville and Bayswater. Biggin &..

1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt

on the 24th March we held a community Easter Egg Hunt to raise money for Heartkids via a gold coin donation. We had up to 800 people come. The weather was terrible but it was still a successful day! Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Biggin & Scott Knox open fifth office in three years

Published on 22/03/2018 Biggin & Scott Knox have added yet another office to their empire, Biggin & Scott Ferntree Gully. Owned by Directors Adam Flynn and Danelle Hunter, the Biggin & Scott Knox network has expanded from one office to five within the last three years. CEO Adam Flynn believes that the Ferntree Gully area will continue to be..

Why systemisation is key to business success in 2018 and beyond

Published on 21/03/2018 on Whether you’ve given it much consideration or not, your business is likely to be running on a series of systems that help provide order and encourage success. Without these systems in place, companies can find themselves falling into chaos quite quickly, as it can be almost impossible to manage expectations and..

Show up and never give up

In business, we all have good days and bad days. It’s not about the difficulties you encounter, it’s about how you handle them! Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Believe in Yourself

When you believe in yourself, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.When you believe in yourself, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Hollywood Interior Designs

They say the best businesses are born out of necessity, which is definity the case with my home styling service Hollywood Interior Designs. While working in my current role as Managing Director of Biggin & Scott Knox, I noticed that there was a real gap in the market. . Many of my clients were asking..

Find your perfect home?

In the market to find your perfect new home? We have recently added some stunning new properties to the Biggin & Scott Knox website. Take a look, they won’t last long! Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Customer Service

It’s always a great feeling to receive reviews like these. To me, customer service is so important, and I really believe it’s the foundation of the real estate industry. . Just like any other people-based business, we as real estate agents must consistently nurture our professional relationships and strive to deliver the very best in..

Throwback to the 2017 REIV Awards, what a night!

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria represents more than 5000 real estate professionals from across the state, so for Adam and I to be recognised for our work in the community was an incredible honour and one of my career highlights to date. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Staged Property

Have you ever noticed how certain property listings just seem to look so much better than others? The reason for this is that they have usually been staged by professional interior designers who have been brought in to help get the best price for their property. . It’s a smart move – studies show that..

Selling a Lifestyle

Adam and I both grew up in the City of Knox, and it’s a real honour to be able to give back to the area we’ve always called home. To us, real estate is about a lot more than selling houses. It’s about selling a lifestyle, and that’s something we find very easy to achieve…

Check out my Podcast!

Real estate is no longer a 9-5 job, and as any real estate agent or property manager would agree with, time management can be one of our biggest hurdles. . In my latest podcast, I talk about all things time management, and share my tips on how improving your time management skills can also improve..

Love what you do!

It’s so much easier to excel at your work when you truly love what you do. At Biggin & Scott Knox, we live and breath property, and our entire team is made up of passionate professionals who are committed to delivering the very best in customer service. . Interested in finding out more about our..

I Survived!

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me” – Unknown Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

2017 Community Service Award

Throwback to our 2017 Community Service win at the REIV Awards. What an honour and what a night! It was our first official industry win and we were so excited! The award now takes pride of place in our Boronia office – where it all started 5 years ago! . We look forward to throwing..

Nothing is Impossible!

I’m a big believer in everything being possible – as long as you are willing to work hard for it, make sacrifices and not give up when the going gets tough. Then, absolutely, everything is possible! Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Customer Service is the Key!

Customer service is key to our success at Biggin & Scott Knox. In our team, we have same day communication rule. If we hear from a landlord or tenant, we must respond within the same day to help them resolve their issue or answer their problem. . It’s a large part of why we’ve been..

You Can Do It!

‘She knew the power of her mind and so programmed it for success.’ – Unknown . Whatever it is you want to achieve, you can do it. You just need to set your mind on the path and go for it. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

Be a Game Changer

A team wins not because of senior or star players, but due to the game changers, because they do not wait for the chance to score, they create a chance to score. Danelle Hunter Biggin & Scott Knox

REIV Community Service Award

In 2017, Adam and I won the REIV Community Service Award for our contribution to our community and charity of choice. . Biggin & Scott Knox supports the HeartKids Foundation which is a charity dedicated to providing support to children with heart disease. As such, we established an internal initiative called the Biggin & Scott..

To Do List!

Things have started at a cracking pace for 2018 and I love Monday’s because it means a fresh new week with tasks to tick off my ‘to do’ list! . I’m a big list maker and feel that making a solid list at the start of each week keeps me on track. It also helps..

Great Testimonial!

Well done to our Knox team who always go above and beyond for their clients. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team who believe that no task is too big or small and always have our clients needs front mind. . Adam and I are incredibly proud of the work you do..

Styling Your Home For Sale

If you are thinking about selling your home, do look into the option of having your home ‘styled’ before having your Open Houses. . For an investment of less than $5,000, many vendors make in excess of $50,000 more than what they would had they kept their own furniture in the house. . To view..

How to make the property manager switch seamless this Christmas

First Published in Elite Agent on 20/12/2017 Danelle Hunter of Biggin & Scott Knox shares 4 top tips to help guide landlords through the change of property manager transition this Christmas To landlords, changing property managers can seem like a lot of effort, and it is often perceived as something that requires painful amounts..

Should You Purchase a Property through Your Company?

Published 31/01/2018 on Savvysme Everybody knows that investing in property is a working way for a guaranteed financial growth. But with the many benefits, there come some disadvantages as well. Among the benefits of purchasing property as a company are aspects such as tax deductions, lower tax rates and many more tempting factors. However, there are..

How your people skills can improve your property retention rate: Danelle Hunter

The true value of a real estate business lies within its rent roll, and the number of properties managed can often mean the difference between a business running at profit or a loss. In order to really harness their true potential, it’s pivotal that property managers maintain a strong customer retention rate and leave a..